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Monday, 5 December 2011

Keira Knightley has recently claimed that she is "twice the size" of most Hollywood
actresses. This may mean one of two things. She either suffers from a severe, undiagnosed
eye condition that makes her see herself about 10 times larger than she really is, or she's
simply delusional. And while I like Keira too much to want to believe there's something
physically wrong with her, her eyesight may be easier to correct in the long run than
checking her in for a psychiatric examination and further treatment. Just have a look at what
she said. "Weight is a big issue in Hollywood because I'm twice the size, height and
everything else, of most of the girls who are going in to see the director for a part". Is that
regular Hollywood or fantasy, midget Hollywood? Is there something wrong with my
eyesight, too? Keira is so thin, and she's come under so much scrutiny for her size zero and
disturbingly small frame, that she'd probably finally cracked - or she's been undergoing
hypnosis to make herself believe she's in fact heavier than she really is. "When you realize
that I am, at my size, one of the largest actresses there, you start to think, 'I don't think it'd
be healthy for me to stay here much longer". This is downright ridiculous. I mean, just plain
stupid. Keira has always denied accusations that she's suffering from anorexia, even though
she admitted that this illness runs in her family."I've got a lot of experience with anorexia"
she previously revealed. "My grandmother and great-grandmother suffered from it, and I
had a lot of friends at school who suffered from it. I know it's not something to be taken
lightly and I don't". Keira even went as far as to sue a British newspaper that accused her of
being anorexic and she was awarded £3.000 in damages. But from here to stating that she
is in fact twice the size of Hollywood divas there's a big leap. So, prepare yourselves for a
change, as we'll either be seeing Keira wearing glasses or we'll hear she was assigned to a
mental care facility. There is of course a much simpler explanation. She knows she is in fact
incredibly thin and yet she wants to make it look like she believes differently about herself.
But that would be hypocrisy - and we can't imagine darling Keira sinking that low, can we?
Better stick with the "big mouther delusional" theory then - it definitely makes a lot more

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Be a guest in beauty, see though the Hollywood actress’s changeless

Women’s looks is just like a parabola, twenty-three or four years old is the acme, and then every people have to face up to the fleeting

beauty. Let’s see the Hollywood actress’s changeless appearance


(Free-Press-Release.com) March 13, 2011 – How many times have you gotten upset because someone wasn’t doing their

jobs, because your friend has lied to you, because things didn’t go as you hoped? Don’t do it like that, and please

remember that time won’t waiting for anyone. So you must enjoy every happy moment, keep your beautiful appearance,

and try to always be young at heart. Meanwhile, how can we keep our beautiful appearance? Women’s looks is just like a

parabola, twenty-three or four years old is the acme, and then every people have to face up to the fleeting beauty. Let’s

see the Hollywood actress’s changeless appearance.

Kate Winslet

Birth date_1975

Kate Winslet, who has no the slender figure, but she is very plump with the beauty. She never does cosmetic surgery, and

she is very insignificant facing the time. Hopefully, Kate can forever keep her beauty, because she has the good state of


Tina Fey

Birth date_1970

When Tina Fey was littlie and wore the glasses, who would trust that she will become the funny ripe female in 30 Rock?

Jennifer Lopez

Birth date_1969 This elder sister is very charming, and her cheek is not old, the stature is also good, which deserves of

spending a sum of money to keep it. Her perfect facial feature doesn’t waste her skin care as well.

Jennifer Aniston

Birth date_1969

It’s a difficult thing for us to maintain the invariable looks. But Jennifer Aniston, Over 40 year-old women, remains the

beautiful appearance. What’s more the nice springtime is easy to pass, but has changed is the time, what is invariable is

her sincere personality.

Julia Roberts

Birth date_1967

After these many years, big mouth beautiful woman, whose smile hasn’t changed, but her temperament has been already

dissimilar. And her wency smile in Bel Ami hasn’t existed, what displaced was her unhurried mood.

Halle Berry

Birth date_1966 Recent years, Halle Berry, Black pearl, who seems to become older, but compared with her young time,

she has more dazzling glory now_

Sarah Jessica Parker

Birth date_1965

Having to recognize, the four actresses in sex and the city2, haven’t gone beyond the young time, but Sarah Jessica

Parker’s temperament of literary young woman was remained from the 80s until today.

Courteney Cox

Birth date_1964

Starting from the old friends, Courteney Cox is just the sport girl, she always wear the gym suit until playing the cougar

town. She meets the regular injection bacillus botulismus, so her skin cannot get older too quick.

Annette Bening

Birth date_1958 The Annette Bening‘s smiling face is forever brilliant, when she paled the American Beauty, she has

been 41 years old, but she is still breathtaking. In last year, she acted mother in The Kids Are All Right, she had no the

dazzling temperament, but beauty is changeless. Then, if you want to be young forever, keep the good mentality.

Meryl Streep

Birth date_1949

Meryl Streep with an inborn loving mother look, when she was young, she hasn’t been more dazzling, after old, not

necessarily the big change.

Helen Mirren

Birth date_1945

Helen Mirren has been the pet of years, when young, she was as pretty as a flower, and having experienced the year’s

baptism, she still is very charming and graceful. If a woman can live like her, then what has to be possible to regret?

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